Laws specificity (pay attention)

Please read the following carrefully :


Inside Morroco airspace ,take off or landing possibility is allowed in any open airfield or airport 

Responsability :

UPZC Leaders are the only representatives to trade with civil aviation administration, and are the only people with authority on the airfield and during flight operations

For any Powered plane or powered glider :

Presence of VFR charts onboard

406Mhz Distress beacon onboard

 SSR III/A Squawk onboard

NOTAMS have to be checked for any flight

Briefing and debriefings are mandatory

Presence of a mechanic for ground opérations (will be provided by us)


For any unpowered glider :

Radio onboard (8.33 or 25 with no restriction)

406Mhz Distress beacon onboard

Coordination of flight activity start and end with the closest control service available

Briefings and debriefings are mandatory, and Notam consultation


Obligation for members 

 Flights according to VFR rules

To submit to any control requested by Morrocan authority

Maintain radio contact with the nearest control service available

Respect of restrictions from civil aviation authorities in regard of forbidden areas, flyover and landings

Avoid transportation of Passenger, cargo and any commercial activity 


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